JJ, Nickie & Niall

Thanks for checking this out.

My name is James, I’m a Londoner now living in Guildford, Surrey. I have a wonderful 14 year old boy, Niall, and a lovely partner in Nickie.  I am a web producer by day and ambienteer by night.

Think of this as an abstract audio diary.

Much of the output is incomplete as a work as such, but it allows me a way of expressing my current mood & outlook. The hope is that amongst the things I come up with, there will be something that you’ll enjoy. Expect variable quality. ;)

Ableton Live 8 Suite, Max for Live, Komplete 7, DCAM: Synth Squad & FabFilter Timeless are my main tools. I also make use of a handful of free VSTi plug-ins.

I have a Zoom H4n and I have taken to making instruments using Simpler & Sampler in Live, using found sounds. Also a £79 guitar for making drones.

Most of what I currently creating is made on a Samsung SF310 laptop running Windows 7. A core i5 processor, 3Gb RAM and the Komplete 6 Audio interface. A Novation SL Mk II is my trusty input device.

Feedback would be most welcome.

This is not really a commercial project, although I am open to small donations or payments to allow me to continue making regular free music for all. So if you are a filmaker, installation/performance artist etc in need of an unusual sonic backdrop, feel free to experiment with my stuff. All I ask is that you credit me and where possible, offer some sort of appropriate donation/payment, based on your project’s budget, should you go on to use anything commercially.

I would love to see it used in such a way.

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