Ambienteer on Bandcamp

Just letting you know that I am currently uploading all of my pieces in their originally intended album formats. So far, I’ve posted the first few.

Please take a look over at and grab whatever you fancy. There really is no obligation to buy anything, but if you feel you can, please do so. It really will help me cover the costs of running this blog and making more for you all.

Thanks… x

So what now?

Just thought I would update you on my plans over the rest of the summer.

I am currently beginning to upload my work in its original ‘albums’ format to Bandcamp. 250 tracks will take some time to upload, so bear with me? I’d love it if you could pay just few pounds if you do like what I have made so far? The hope is that I can raise enough money to help cover the basic costs of upgrading my computer hardware/software and running the server that hosts this blog.

I am creating sounds for DJ Chloe Harris, collaborating with another Twitter friend (spoken words over ambient) and I’m also writing, what I would call, my first ‘proper’ release. Until now, due to the nature of the blog and timescales involved, the pieces I have made have not been optimised or mastered, just made and shared.

All of this is having to be squeezed in around my day job. I also have my son with me and he needs plenty of attention, as of course does Nickie!

This will mean that this blog may not be v.busy for a while, but I hope you’ll still use it to listen to one or more of the 250+ tracks I have left here for you.

Thank you ALL for your support this far.

James x