New Tools

I have finally succumbed and purchased my first iPad and have immediately set about installing a few of the apps recommended on the various blogs and forums I look to for advice.

I have recently been part of the brilliantly conceived Disquiet Junto project by Marc Weidenbaum and have come to enjoy the idea of constraint as part of the creative process. What may seem as a step back in terms of raw computing power, sophisticated DAW apps and plug-ins, could actually help forge my sound and point it into a fresh direction. Pieces may be solely created on the iPad or I may use it as starting point and transfer ideas to my main PC for completion. Who knows? Time will tell, although at least an EP of iPad only stuff is my minimal aim.

I don’t, as yet, have a midi/audio interface, but one is planned when finances allow for it. The list of apps I have initially installed is as folllows… Animoog, Sound Prism Pro, NLog Pro, Sunrizer, csGrain, Mega Curtis, Space and Node Beat. I’ve yet to decided on something to pull these together, such as Nano Studio, but I will update this list soon.

It may take a little time for things to come to fruition but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Ambienteer on Bandcamp

Just letting you know that I am currently uploading all of my pieces in their originally intended album formats. So far, I’ve posted the first few.

Please take a look over at and grab whatever you fancy. There really is no obligation to buy anything, but if you feel you can, please do so. It really will help me cover the costs of running this blog and making more for you all.

Thanks… x

Ableton Live 8.1 & Max for Live

Sorry for the quiet spell, my daytime job is v.busy and (more interestingly) I have just bought Max for Live and therefore had to install another (but this time v.exciting) Ableton upgrade.

I hope to post something new here later tonight or early tomorrow. For now I will just be experimenting with what is available out of the box. As a Max novice it may take me some time before I create anything new myself, but I am hoping that others will share patches with me, so that I can continue to make the odd interesting sound here.

J x

New server… good times :)

Had a miserable couple of day hosting wise… and I was hacked. Never mind. Here we are and here we go again! ;)

FTP problems

Sorry everyone. I can’t update the blog with my latest piece as there is a problem with my hosts FTP. I will try and get the new track up as soon as possible.